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Business of the Month

Our November Business of the Month goes to George’s Hall and Park!

Here’s a tidbit from owner George Kalisek: “In the year 2020, after more than 30 years of painting yard art and over 40 years of signs, I decided to change the way I handled my business. In the past I would make yard art all year long and display them in my showcase for customers to walk up and purchase one of their choice. However, with the ever increasing cost of materials and labor, the cost of stocking up the entire building became quite a task, labor wise, and also quite a financial investment. I then decided that I would make and sell yard art by order only; customers come in and view our catalogues and choose a selection and then I make it for them.


Since I no longer required the wall space for the inventory, I was left with the decision to determine what to do with the building. The obvious answer came rather quickly, convert the building into a venue for people to rent for use for smaller and mid-size occasions. That one year long process began in 2020, and with the help of friends and others, was completed by Christmas of that year.

With the assistance of Hope Vornsand as hall manager, the hall, now named "George's Hall,” became a success rather quickly. With a seating capacity of 75 people, it has been rented for various occasions, including birthday parties, reunions, showers, and small weddings. The hall comes with a fully equipped kitchen and private bar.
Since the completion of the main hall, I have since added two more features; one a conference room used by the Knights of Columbus council, and the other, an old west themed saloon named "Longhorn Drive Saloon,” after the street that is situated just south of the building. This feature is available for use as an added rental.

After the venue had been completed, I was then able to sell and move the adjacent house used by my sister Joyce Luksovsky, leaving the north half of block 700 open for development. As a compliment to the existing hall, I decided to create a complimentary outdoor venue, complete with a concrete dance floor feature, outdoor lighting, and planted oak trees and turf to complete the project. Our first outdoor event was held on the eve of Jamboree weekend and was a roaring success, with food, drinks, and music by Shiner's Second Wind. I am looking forward to the new year when we will hold more events such as

As an artist, one needs a canvas to paint on. Block 700 has become my new canvas, and I like to say that this will be a "never ending" project. As I see possibilities, I will keep adding and improving the venues, so keep watching for new features to come along in the coming year.

My wish is for George's Hall & Park to be an asset to our community.”

Congratulations again to George’s Hall and Park, November Business of the Month!

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